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2018 Indonesia International Electronics Exhibition-- AMPCOM First Stop in Southeast Asia
Source: Ampcom Technology Group(HongKong) Co.,Ltd | Author: AMPCOM | Publish time: 2018-09-16 | 1861 Views | Share:

In the domestic market, the brand of AMPCOM has achieved remarkable development based on the e-commerce platform! Following the launch of Amazon's US station, Japan station and Australia station in May, AMPCOM continued to extend to the Southeast Asian market.

We actively expanded the integrated wiring market in Southeast Asia. The 2018 Indonesia International Consumer Electronics Show will be held on September 13-15 this year at the Jakarta International Convention Center in Indonesia! With a population of about 260 million, Indonesia is the most populous ASEAN country and the fourth largest consumer market in the world. From 2007 to 2016, the Indonesian economy grew by an average of 6% per year. It is the best performer among the five ASEAN countries. The economic development has made the middle class The demand for products and services has increased, and the middle class in Indonesia has increasingly become the dominant force in the consumer market.

The consumption enthusiasm of the Indonesian middle class is increasing. It is consistent with the high-end positioning of the AMPCOM brand products of AMPCOM. AMPCOM hopes that through this exhibition, it can understand the local integrated wiring market, and contact local powerful agents to make the AMPCOM wiring brand of AMPCOM. This land in Indonesia has achieved a good start!