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Comment policy
AMPCOM invites our readership (you) to post comments on the articles on this website. Please think of the comments as a conversation or as a thoughtful debate between individuals and interact with forethought and politeness. Good comments add to civil discussion—and by “good comments,” we mean that they are relevant to the published article and that they have more substance than an exclamation (e.g., “cool!” “no way!” etc.). We welcome all viewpoints that add to the discussion and/or raise important questions.

With that in mind, please:

Be substantive
Stay on topic
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We encourage readers to leave comments that point out typos or broken links in posts, but we may delete those comments after we’ve taken care of the issue.

If you post a URL, we will automatically hold it for moderation. Please make it relevant to your comment and not simply a link back to your own website or to a website you are promoting. (You can link your name to your own website by using the URL field in the comment box when submitting a comment.)

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Thanks for your help and understanding. We look forward to reading you on our pages!