Quality Certification

At AMPCOM, our Quality Commitment lies in all aspects of processes, resources, and methods that enable us to build superior networks for our customers. Through quality policy focusing on continuous improvement of products and services, we're able to achieve the highest levels of satisfaction for our customers. To that end, every AMPCOM employee is accountable for contributing to the value of the products and services we deliver.
Quality Assurance in All Ways

Advanced Test Environment
To ensure the best quality, reliability and interoperability of its products, AMPCOM maintains a most advanced and comprehensive testing environment including an in-house testing labs, running real applications to verify "end-to-end" performance of products.

Customer Focus
AMPCOM is dedicated to build our growth through close and long-lasting relationships with our customers. Attaching great importance to customer satisfaction, we're committed to providing our customers with the best solutions and guaranteeing their satisfaction. Personalized solution is provided; every suggestion and feedback is valued by us.

Sustainable Management
AMPCOM focus on growth and strive for sustainable profitability that secures our future. Under the guidance of quality and continuous improvement culture, AMPCOM implements the business philosophy of sustainable development, giving high priority to various aspects of sustainability - economic, environmental and societal.

Quality Control Benchmarked to Best Industrial Standards

Quality is AMPCOM's highest priority. We achieve this goal by standardized quality assurance procedures and continuously monitoring and supervising the production process to ensure that our customers receive high quality components. In our in-house testing labs, application tests on large varieties of products, including switches, transceivers and cables, etc, are going on everyday. Using the world's most advanced analytical equipment, "end-to-end" performance of products will be verified in different application situations and recorded in test report.