WAM-60S Fiber Cleaver fiber Optic Tools FTTH High Precision Cable Cutter All Metal Body 12 Surface Blade With Bag

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Product Description

1. Precise cleaving: provides a cleave with a cutting angle of less than 0.5 for optimal fiber preparation for fusion splicing

2. Built-in fiber holder anmeasurement scale: can hold 250 m and 900 m fiber and has a readable scale from 5 mm to 20 mm for accurate cleave lengths

3. High durability: lightweight and all-matel body design for longer life and increased durability

4.Adjustment blade available: each blade's life is 48,000 cleaves across 12 positions

5. Versatile use: ideal for field splicing applications, splicing trucks, laboratories, fiber technicians, fiber splicers and anyone that needs to cleave a fiber optic cable prior to performing a fusion splice

6.Package: 1x AMPCOM Fiber Cleaver, 1x User Manual, 1x Carry Pouch and 2 x Allen Wrench. This cleaver comes with the function of automatic knife back slide, so that you just need to put the cover back and fiber push to complete all cutting work


Product Parameter


Applicable fibers:Silica optical fiber
Bare fiber diameter :125μm
Coating diameter:250-900μm
Cleaving angle:0.4-0.8 degrees with single fiber
Blade life:48000 times(100*16*3)


AMPCOM All-metal High Precision Fiber Optic Cleaver


For preparing field-ready plug or occasional splicing.    Blade with 12 positions, breaking angle approx. ≤ 0.5°, suitable for 250 µm / 900 µm fibre, 0.9 mm wire and 2.0-3.0 mm cable.


High quality slide rail automatic tool return

Why Choose AMPCOM Fiber Optical Cleaver Tool?
AMPCOM Full-metal fiber cleaver can last than 2years longer than plastic/iron one

Package Contents

1x AMPCOM Fiber Cleaver,
1x User Manual,
1x Black bag
2 x Allen Wrench



User Manuals



Question:Is it possible to get instructions in english?

Answer:If u are using 125 micron, 250-900 micron. Use ur choice of fiber strippers to expose the cladding and core. Cable is now ready for prep to cleave.
This cleaver is a three step process
- step one push actuator to the loaded position that located in the front of the cleaver
- step two open cleaver and lift fiber holder and place fiber in the appropriate holder on either 250um or 900 um. (It should fit snug and not be able to move).
-step three close lid and this will actuate the cleaver blade. ( at this time fiber will be cut and ready to splice).
-finally you can open the cleaver and support and remove fiber for splice, quick crimp, etc


Question:Is this cleaver okay for 9/125 single mode fiber?

Answer:Yes, there are measurements on the tool. For SM, line the fiber up on the 13.


Question:Could this work for fast connect connectors. i need to precision cleave single mode fiber at 10.5 mm for insertion into a fast connect.

Answer: Of course can


Question:Can this cleaver be used with fusion splicer?

Answer:Yes, it can