Fiber Optic Drop Cable Stripper, Stripping Plier for Rubber-insulated Optical Cable for FTTH Drop Cables

Color : Drop Cable Stripper
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Product Description

【FTTH Cable Striping Plier】The blade is sharp, which can easily strip the thread. It will not damage the optical fiber core when stripping the outer cable. The blade is not exposed, and it can prevent blunt objects from colliding with the blade and causing damage to the blade. It also can prevent the blade from scratching the user. 2.4-inch scale ruler, which is clear to ensure the accuracy of the peeling length. You can choose the peeling length you need. Easy to use, increase work efficiency.
【FTTH Cable Striping Plier Applicability】Adaptive range: Indoor 3mm (W) * 2mm (H) optical cable; Adaptive optical fiber: 1/2 core optical fiber; Adaptive coating diameter of optical fiber: Φ0.25mm & Φ0.9; Adaptive cladding diameter of optical fiber: 125μm.
【CFS-3 Fiber Optic Stripper】 For stripping 250 micron buffer coating from 125 micron optical fiber,All stripping surfaces are manufactured to precise tolerances to assure clean,smooth strips. Precision Diameter Hole & V-Opening in Blade allow for accurate buffer coating removal,Every fiber stripping tool is tested after production to ensure a consistent high quality cut out of the box.
【CFS-3 Stripper Three-port design】Hole (1) 2 - 3 mm fiber jacket cuts down to the 600 - 900 micron buffer coating. Hole (2) strips the 600-900 micron buffer coating down to the 250 micron coating. Hole (3) cleanly strips the 250 micron cable down to the glass fiber. You can tune this Fiber Stripper precision with a 1.5mm Allen Key included.


About CFS-3/2 Fiber Stripper