Fiber Optical Power Meter With Visual Fault Locator Fiber Tester SC FC ST Connector Optic Test Equipment (-70 ~10dBm)

Color : AXP30D 1mw
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Product Description

AXP-30D handheld optical multimeter is an integrated unit of optical power meter and visual fault locator with compact size and lightweight. It allows to perform optical power, loss measurements and fiber faults tracing visually, which is mainly used in FTTx networks and fiber network testing. This tester can perform closed-loop tests, and can also work individually.


One-piece Rubber Covered Shell

Protect the power meter frombeing damaged by falling, shocking and wearing.


Built-in Visual Fault Locator

The fiber fault locator can detect accurately and locate fiber breaks, poor connections, bending, or cracking. The detector will emit a 650nm bright light for fiber tracing, breaks or faults in the fiber will refract the light.

Universal Optical Connectors (SC/FC/ST)

Equipped with FC, SC, ST adapters, it can be used directly with the optical power meter port, allowing it to be directly connected to FC, SC, ST connectors.


Powerful and Stable Red Light

Press the "CW/Glint" to switch the long light / flashing, flashing frequency of 2HZ


it is powered by 2 pcs AA batter (Not included)

Low battery consumption, 48 working hours for continuous operation.


Suitable for Field Test Environment


1、 ON/OFF key

Press ON/OFF or power icon for more than one second to turn on the red light source or the optical power. At the same time, if the buttonispressed, the tester can turn off.

2、 Power Switch

3、 AUTO/OFF key

Press this button to turn on or off the function of
automatic shutdown.

4、 ZERO key

Press the key to carry out the self withering of the
optical power meter

5、 CW/GLINT key

Press this button to switch the red light source long / stroboscopic.The default state is long and bright. Frequency is 2HZ/

6、 LIGHT key

Press this button to choose to turn on and turn off LCD backlight

7、 dB key

At the set wavelength, the relative measurement of optical power is carried out

8、 λ key

When entering the wavelength selection key, pressing the key, you can choose different wavelengths. Seven kinds of 850nm, 980nm, 1300nm, 1310nm, 1490nm, 1550nm and 1625nm.The wavelength is selected and the value will also be displayed on the LCD



Cable Type: MMF & SMF
Calibrated Wavelength (nm): 850nm, 980nm, 1300nm, 1310nm, 1490nm, 1550nm, 1625nm
Measurement Range (dBm):- 70 〜+10dbm
Probe type: InGaAs
Connector: SC, FC, ST/ Universal 2.5mm Adaptor
Linear display: 0.1% logarithmic display: 0.01dBm
Operation Tempture(C): -10 - +60
Storage Tempture(C): -25 - +70
Relative Humidity: 90% (+30C)
Automatic shutdown time (min):10 minutes
Working Hours: >40 hours
Power Supply: 2x AA Batteries(not includes)

Package List

1 X Optical Power Meter(built in Visual fault locator)
1 X Outer Box
1 X Operation Manual
1 X SC Adapter