RJ45 Connector, Pass Through CAT6A CAT7 Ethernet Plug 1.5mm

Color : 10PCS
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Product Description

These RJ45 modular connectors are designed to work specifically with CAT6A and CAT7 cables.Max conductor hole is ⌀1.5MM, supporting individual twisted pair conductor wire sizes up to 1.3mm~1.45mm.

Perfect Shielded Shell-The shell of the connector is made of anti-interference pure copper material, and the surface is completely nickel-plated, which perfectly protects your network from signal loss and electromagnetic interference. In addition, swallowtail clip design can facilitate the connection of the ground wire, ensure high stability of network transmission, and maximize the opening of the shielding function.

50 Micron Gold Plated Contacts provides a fully contact with wire conductor and ensure excellent conductivity ,Maintaining a Superior and Reliable Data Transmission,supporting up to 10 Gigabit transmission speed.

2 Piece Pass Through Design Save Your Time--It is generally difficult to install network cables with thick diameters. These crystal heads are equipped with transparent load bars. You can confirm the wire sequence before the insert them into the connector. This can greatly simplify serial authentication and shorten installation time.

100% 50U gold plated -compared to other "fake 50U gold plated" on the market, AMPCOM connectors can pass the equipment testing to ensure the best quality to the user


engineering project wiring.

CAT6A/CAT7/CAT8 Compatible STP RJ45 Plug,Passed Fluke Test,10G/40G Cabling.

Feed-Thru, Tri-point Pins, Gold+Nickel Plated.

with Load Bar, Elastic Clip, High Quality PC Case.

Strict Quality Control System.

Tested by Willeke/ CTTL Lab Testing & Certification Lab.

Pass-through Type STP RJ45 Plug.

Easier installation, even for novices, increasing the success rate of product use.

Nickel-plated Copper Shell Case.

We refuse to use iron shells that are prone to oxidation and rust as raw materials. Copper shells are corrosion-resistant, flexible, and durable.

Nickle Plated Case, Precision Machining, Thickened STP Case.

3/50U Thicker Gold Plated.

Anti-oxidation, durable against plugging and unplugging, more stable signal transmission.

1.1mm Enlarged Aperture, Suitable for Various Wire Gauges.

Suitable for Cat5/Cat6 engineering and home network installation.

High-toughness retaining clip.

Suitable for CAT5E/CAT6 cables, with a diameter range of 0.9mm to 1.1mm.

Complimentary Load Bar.

Transparent material allows for easy verification of correct wire sequencing.

High quality PC material.

Environmentally friendly and flame-retardant materials from LG brand.

LG Eco-friendly Flame Retardant Case.

25-year quality guarantee, eliminating the use of recycled waste.

Tri-point Pins Increasing the Contact Area .

Ensures a stable and smooth network.

Thickened STP Shell, Precision Manufacturing.

Enhanced anti-interference capability, the clip also ensures that the cable remains securely in place and is not easily loosened.

Rust-resistant Case, Passing a 24-hour salt spray test.

Note: The data is sourced from Ampcom Lab.

Tail with a cable clip.

When cable bends is located at the tail clip,which ensures stable contact with the core wire.

Easy and Convenient Installation.

Load Bar.

Exclusive Strain Relief Boots.

Note: Strain Relief Boots are not included.

Offers an Easy, Convenient, and Simple Way.

Notes: Please use a dedicated network RJ45 connector crimping tool .

The Appearance is More Outstanding

Exquisite Packaging

This packaging is intended for product display purposes only. Please refer to the actual product packaging and its contents as received.

Steps to Crimp Connerctor

1.Use a tool to remove the outer jacket and trim it to approximately 3 cm in length.

2.Put SR and load bar into the cable in advance and arrange the wire cores according to the 568B.

3.Insert the wire cores into the plug and make sure the wire cores pass through the top wire slots.

4.Place the plug into the crimping tool and then trim off the excess wire cores

5.Crimp the tail into the port for crimping.