STP RJ45 Connector Pass Through Modular Plug

Color : CAT5E STP EZ
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Product Description

1. ONE PIECE EZ-TYPE, these CAT5E RJ45 ends allow user easily verify correct wiring sequence prior to crimping, outside diameters 1.0~1.02mm of the hole supports round or flat, stranded or solid CAT5E 24-28 AWG network cables
2. STAGGERED Pass-Thru Design performs better and can reduce crosstalk; 3 prong contacts provide higher reliability; 3/50u gold plating on nickel-copper bases suitable for mass termination with compatible ez rj45 crimp tools
3. The LATCH is made of high quality eco-friendly plastic; it makes a clear "click" sound when it is connected to the RJ45 network port. With the quality of being able to be folded 180° over 40 times without breaking, it ensures a longer life of the network cable
4. PERFORMANCE of Category 5E rated for a Gigabit Ethernet channel compliant network; Backwards compatible with Cat5 stranded or solid cable
5. Easy to Crimp: This RJ45 pass through connectors can be used with most types of RJ45 crimper tools, but it will be easier to press with a dedicated Pass-through Crimper