Pass Through RJ45 Modular Plug, CAT5E Network Connectors UTP 50μ Gold-Plated 8P8C Crimp End for Ethernet Cable

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PASS-THRU DESIGN - Easy to use, and with the unshielded clear connectors you can easily idetify wiring order before crimping, even if it’s your first time. Wires can pass through the slot.
APPLICATION SCOPE - multi-stranded and single-stranded cables: CAT6(23-26AWG) CAT5E(24-28AWG). The wire OD of network cables with the same AWG specifications may vary depending on the manufacturer. Please ensure AWG and OD MUST BOTH meet the requirements.
High Perfomance - 3/50μ Gold plated pass through connectors with 3-prong blade ensures closer combination between the contacts and the wire core than 2-prong blade, and it can provide higher data transfer speeds
PACKAGE INCLUDES-10/30/100 pcs Pass through UTP RJ45 Connectors
Outside Dianeter: 1.0±0.02mm
Condutor OD: max 0.512mm
Wire OD: 24-28AWG
Speed: 1000Mbps
Bandwidth: 100Mhz
Outside Dianeter: 1.08±0.02mm
Condutor OD: max 0.57mm
Wire OD: 23-26AWG
Speed: 1000Mbps
Bandwidth: 250Mhz

We have 3μ and 50μ gold plated conductor, their difference is the different thickness of the gold plating layer, the rest is the same, you can choose according to your needs.
Engineering Project Wiring
100Mbps/ 1Gbps UTP RJ45 Plug
Bullepoint Product core
Thick Gold Plated/ Tri-point Pins/ Stable transmission/ High Quality PC Case/ Elastic Clip/ Authoritative Certification
Strict Quality Control System
Tested by Willeke Testing & Certification Lab
Test Report No# 03-20-OFC0539
Pass-through Type STP RJ45 Plug
Easier installation, even for novices, increasing the success rate of product use
30μ/50μ Gold Plated Pins. Oxidation-resistant and plug-resistant
Thickened gold plating for better conductivity, long-lasting performance, and stable transmission.
100 Megabyte 1/10 Gigabit
Easily adapt to various network usage environments, with high bandwidth and multiple channels to support simultaneous use of multiple devices without lagging
High quality PC material
Environmentally friendly and flame-retardant materials from LG brand.

3 Layers Tripoints Gold Plated Contact Teeth

Tripoint type contact provide more reliable termination for either solid or stranded cable

High-toughness retaining clip, not easily broken by bending.
Made by Eco-friendly Material
- Bending Resistant Snap Latch
- Support 180° Bending over 25+ Times
Easy to Complete Crimping High Success Rate
No professional skills required, can be completed without extensive experience
The Difference in the Appearance of CAT5E/CAT6
Support POE, POE+, POE++
Support Data Center Cabling
End to End Solution

Fully Compatible with the RJ45 Interface Devices

Allow you to make up the perfect length cable for your applications

How to Make an Ethernet Cable
1.Put the cable into wire stripper.
2.Rotary the wire stripper one round.
3.Remove the cable jacket.
4.Arrange 4 pairs accroding to wire scheme.
5.Insert wires to pass the front of the connector.
6.Wires all through connector.
7.Crimp the connector.
8.Cut the excess wires.
9.Ready to use.

CAT6 Pass Through RJ45 Connectors

CAT5E Pass Through RJ45 Connectors
Multiple Certifications More Confidence In Use