AM-918B Punch Down Tool, AMPCOM 110 Type Multi-function Network Cable Tool with Two Blades

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Note: The punching tool has been adjusted to the most suitable position by the factory before leaving the warehouse. No need to adjust during use. When the punch tool is used for a long time and the punch tool is not strong enough, the position needs to be adjusted.


High Quality Materials

Sharp Blade

Long lifespan

Exquisite workmanship

Instruction for Use of AM-918B Impact Tool


1.Cutter Changing

Swithch to take of the puch down head

2.Adjust Spring Force
Rotate the ring to adjust the spring force

3.Impact Operation
Puch and cut at the same time

4.Take multiple lines
Insert under multiple lines and lift

5.Take the wrong line
Hook the wrong line and lift it up

Double Cutter Head Design

High Accuracy Punch Down Termination

U Type

For re-puch down the wire and protecting the terminal

Blade Type

Shap cutter head forcutting excess cablewhile puching down

Rotate to remove the cutter head

110 lade Type

Durable blade base

Wire picking tool

Carbon steel dual ends

wire hook

High-quality ABS Material、Adjusttable Punch Strength Knob、Niddle Picker、
Blade Storage.

Band LOGO、Steel Belt、1.5mmHelical Spring、Cable Hook、Storage Knob.